Can Back Pain Guarantee Illness Allowance and Disability Retirement?

    Healthy Can Back Pain Guarantee Illness Allowance and Disability Retirement?

    Can Back Pain Guarantee Illness Allowance and Disability Retirement? The Answer is Yes! Also know that Column Order Problems is a major cause of INSS Benefit Grant.

    Can Back Pain Guarantee Illness Allowance and Disability Retirement?

    What Diseases of the Disability Retire Column? As mentioned above, Problems Related to the Spine is one of the diseases that most benefit from INSS. They can generate disability retirement. This should the worker become permanently incapable. Osteophytosis: Osteophytosis is the disease in which osteophytes appear around the disc of the spine. Degenerative discopathy, Disc protrusion,
    Neck pain.

    This benefit that is granted by the INSS can be these:

    • Sickness Allowance
      • When the Insured may Recover or
    • By disability retirement
      • When the expert understands that it is a disability and that it is already totally permanent and irreversible.

    Important Fact: Please note: This benefit is only granted when the worker can no longer perform his activity.

    Retirement Not for the Sick, but for Those Who Cannot Work

    Without words, what the fact says is: Not enough is Sick! The disease must stop him from working.

    INSS Expertise Manual

    Labor disability is the impossibility of performing the specific functions of an activity, function or occupation usually performed by the insured, as a result of morphopsychophysiological changes caused by illness or accident.

    It should be implicitly included in the concept of disability, as long as it is palpable and indisputable in the present case, the risk to itself or to third parties, or the aggravation of the pathology under analysis, that the permanence in activity may entail.

    Disability Concept

    The concept of disability must be analyzed by degree, duration and profession. Thus, the expert must take into consideration the disease, its symptoms and the worker’s profession in order to define the existence of disability.

    Top Column Problems

    Top Column Problems

    • Herniated Disc
      • It is a disease that can affect
    • CervicalNeck,Low backLow Back or
    • ThoracicMiddle of the Back
      • Among the reported symptoms, we can highlight some that repeat systematically.
      • The main symptoms are:

    Numbness and
    Back pain.

    Before it is true, but not much different today. It is still extremely common, operational activities in which the worker is subjected to activities with little or much weight bearing without PPE for Posture Correction, any type of warm-up to prevent muscle injuries and stretching.

    Most Known Column Problems:

    Can Back Pain Guarantee Illness Allowance and Disability Retirement?
    • It is a disease that causes small bone expansion.
      • It is the famous parrot beak.
      • Very common arise in people who work with the wrong posture.
      • This is usually the case for those who spend the day with the spine tilted.
    • The Main Symptoms of Osteophytosis are:
      • Strong pain,
      • Movement Limitation,
    • Tingling and
      • Loss of Strength
      • Sensitivity and Reflexes.

    Degenerative Discopathy

    Our Spine is formed by Vertebrae and Intervertebral Discs.

    • Degenerative discopathy causes these discs to wear, causing the vertebrae to collide.
      • It is somewhat common in office workers because it reaches people who work very Seated and who need to lean forward. We can cite as an example, professions and practice area as:
      • Truck Drivers,
      • Digitizer
      • Editor
      • Designer
      • Programmer
      • X-ray Technicians
      • Desks and
      • Dentists

    Disc Protrusion

    Another disease that affects the intervertebral discs, causing pressure on the nerves and leading to the emergence of very common symptoms among Brazilians such as:

    • Ache,
    • Discomfort and
    • Difficulty to move.

    Among the main symptoms of Disc Protrusion are:

    Decreased sensitivity,
    Tingling and
    Total loss of strength
    Partial loss of strength.

    Neck pain

    Who ever, raise your hand. Still don’t know what it is? Is it well known for making people look around with their torso instead of using their necks? Did you recognize? Not? Yes! the stiff neck, famous stiff neck. Although considered by many to be harmless initially, in times of crisis can cause severe pain.

    It is very common in people who work in

    • Computer
    • Desktop computer
    • Laptop computer
      • same position for long period or
      • with raised arms
    • Hairdressers,
    • Waiters

    It’s me! And when do I start receiving the benefit?

    It’s me! And when do I start receiving the benefit? If you have identified with the back problem, you are unable to work, so you want to receive the benefit for your treatment right? However, to be entitled to receive the benefit by the INSS, the insured must submit to a technical expert.

    This expertise has as its main objective the realization of the disease of the problem in the column and also to ascertain its extent. Of course, this is also where you check if the worker is really incapable for his job. Have you heard lately about the INSS Comb-Fine Operation?

    INSS Comb-Fine Operation?

    INSS Comb-Fine Operation? The Inss comb operation aims to correct and eliminate insurance fraud. As non-existent diseases and others more. Read more about here.

    Spine problems should be evaluated by Experts in the field, but unfortunately, INSS does not always have a Specialist in this area, with the benefit or we do not recommend looking for a specialist! Speak to a Reliable SP Surgeon or Itaim Spine Surgeon.

    Still, it is very complex to choose and hit the professional to take care of the Spine. So we made an article that explains when the Orthopedist, the Neurosurgeon or the Spine Surgeon is needed. Just like Neurologist, Neuropediatrician, Child Neurologist and Neurosurgeon are a difficult choice. For in case the expert of the INSS constant the situation of incapacity the benefit can be paid.

    But another Important Alert: In order to receive Illness Allowance or Retire for Disability – Disability Retirement, the insured (worker) must not only be incapable of work but also have to meet the grace period.

    Apply Alone or with a Lawyer?

    You can do anything you want on the INSS website itself. No outside help or assistance. However, understand that 4 out of 5 special retirement applications are denied. How long does it take to get your right, due to inconsistent INSS bureaucracy? Is it worth it to venture solo?

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