Some great achievements of the Bolsonaro Government, in less than a year

    Healthy Some great achievements of the Bolsonaro Government, in less than a year

    Some great achievements of the Bolsonaro Government, in less than a year: So many of lying and malicious news is running the internet. Myself, I left Harvard and went to an event at M.I.T. Nobody knew I was Brazilian. And one of the speakers was also Brazilian. Told many lies and of course, spread the great!

    Some great achievements of the Bolsonaro Government, in less than a year

    When I asked him how long he hadn’t been to Brazil … 8 long years he told me.

    Why? how do you know so well about Brazil? I was there and even voted in the last election! Everything, literally everything! this one said was LIE!

    Bolsonaro is not against democracy, we do not have a hunt for GAYS! incidentally, any application for asylum in the USA from GAYS sworn to death is a LIE! Why, since they defend CUBA and Venezuela so much … go there now!

    See, not even the most hated being in Brazil, LULA or Luiz Inacio lula da silva about any kind of danger. Wait, taking ovation in a public square and on the street is normal for this person. Considered the greatest Thief in the WORLD!

    Lula Considered the greatest Thief in the WORLD!

    Lula is so good that he lent money to CUBA, Venezuela, Africa and others with Brazil even as a guarantor! Nobody paid! Did you know that?

    The Pietra Documentary, read what is a FICTION there! It is only AUTO TITLED documentary! I don’t know who is a bigger fiction than this Documentary or Harry Potter.


    1 – IT’S GOING RIGHT: The organizer of YouTube’s “Te Atualizei” channel gave a brief weekly summary of the Bolsonaro government’s achievements. Watch:

    2 – The historical alignment with the greatest powers in the world, such as the USA, only tends to grow. Expansion of the range of options, generating competition and cheaper products, employability and development. The growth of Brazil for Brazilians and for the world bothers the Forum of SP.

    3 – Bernardo Kuster opines on the participation of the Minister of Education and the new educational line that has to be taken in order to break the historical domain of imbecilization of the population. NOW IS THE TIME OR IT MAY BE LATE.
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    4 – Approved the PM of the INSS comb, which identifies irregularities in the sector, which can generate savings of R $ 10 billion per year to the country;

    5 – The construction of military schools began, with the objective of one for each state until the end of its term. Teaching of recognized excellence in the face of national and international results;

    6 – With the reforms approved, it wants to take the decentralization of power into the hands of the union, allowing greater financial resources for States and municipalities. True connoisseurs of the problems of each region;

    The BNDES black box will open

    7 – The BNDES black box will open. The cycle of billionaire loans to countries that cannot fulfill public money agreements has ended, merely to remain in power;

    8 – The Ministry of Human Rights has been wiping millions of reais with unnecessary expenses, preventing the contract of tens of millions of real cryptocurrencies for Indians. Identification of destroyed aircraft that were acquired through public resources and currently abandoned at airports;

    9 – With the Ministry of Economy, initial victory in the case of energy development, initiating a process of privatization and cheaper to the consumer;

    10 – Ministries composed of technicians. Something unprecedented in the country’s history;

    11 – Started the process of digitizing government documents, generating savings of billions in a few years;

    12 – Reduction in the number of land invasions, stifling the ideological and criminal activism of such irresponsible people. 43 in 2018 and one this year;

    13 – Extinguishes hundreds of public administration councils, which basically are job hangers, generate intentional locking of the public machine, saving billions in unnecessary expenses;

    Australia burning in flames … and where was this little girl?

    Combat the irregular use of the Rouanet law

    14 – Combat the irregular use of the Rouanet law, which was intended to be used for activities considered electoral. The cultural focus today is on the small artist;

    15 – Despite being stopped by other sectors of public power, in your government, the crime and death rates of police officers have been falling significantly;

    16 – Sign an act that prevents any secrecy of bank credit operations, such as that which occurred at BNDES, BB and Caixa;

    17 – Expansion of internet to millions of students, mainly in the northeast region;

    18 – Gains support from the USA and Israel to join the OECD, a block of mutual cooperation with the largest economies in the world. It goes against previous governments that aimed at ideological policies, such as the SP Forum;
    19 – Reduction from 29 to 22 ministries;

    20 – Decree that extinguishes 21 thousand positions and commissions, the Ministry of Economy estimates less R $ 195 million in annual expenses with public money;

    21 – MP that alters the union fee collection, ceasing to be mandatory;

    22 – The need for visas for tourists from the USA, Japan, Canada and Australia has ended, obtaining significant immediate results in the face of the act;

    23 – Decree that applies the Clean Sheet criterion to appoint positions in committee;

    24 – Anti-crime package facilitating police work and punishing criminals more rigorously;

    25 – Together with the Ministry of Science and Technology and others, it begins the process of installing machines that transform air into water for the Northeast, after strengthening ties with Israel;

    26 – Via Ministry of Infrastructure, the administration of more than 23 highways, ports, airports and railways throughout Brazil has already been transferred to the private sector. And much more is to come;

    27 – Expands trade agreements with China, the European Union and the USA;

    28 – It makes it possible to raise billions of reais via agreements for peaceful purposes with the whole world, after a satellite launch agreement by the Alcântara air base. It still depends on congressional approval;

    29 – Implemented the thirteenth salary for the family allowance;

    30 – International companies return to trust in Brazil, installing headquarters in the entire national territory, but mainly in the northeast region;

    31 – Created the MP for economic freedom, allowing small investors less control over the state, less bureaucracy and expenses;

    32 – Want to reduce taxes on imported products, such as smartphones and tablets. It depends on Congress;

    33 – Gives MERCOSUR a leading role after meeting at the G20 in Japan, which may generate investment of billions in national territory;

    34 – With the approval of the necessary and painful New Pension Plan, Brazil will have more investor confidence, generating millions of jobs;

    35 – Obviously there are more concrete positive facts. If you remember, send it to our email so that we can always add.
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    36 – In the first half of the Bolsonaro government more than 408 thousand new jobs were created, already considering the layoffs. It was the largest balance generated in the last 5 years. (source: official CAGED data).
    37 – Bolsonaro created Law 13,846 that combats social security fraud and will generate an economy above
    R $ 100 billion in 10 years.
    38 – Business tourism increased by 14.7% in the first half of the Bolsonaro government. (source: Abracorp data).
    39 – Bolsonaro’s government reduced taxes on imports of medications for the treatment of cancer and HIV patients from 18% to zero to 2%, in addition to certain types of diapers and pads.
    40 – Bolsonaro presented an MP that makes state policy the annual anticipation of the 13th INSS retirees and pensioners, putting an end to the political use of the benefit. Before, the anticipation depended on the will of the presidents, leaving the beneficiaries in distress.
    41 – In the first 4 months of the Bolsonaro government, homicides fell 21.2% compared to the same period in 2018. (source: Sinesp).
    42 – Vehicle theft also plummeted in the first quarter of the Bolsonaro government. Drop of 27.5% compared to the same period last year. (source: Sinesp)
    43 – Bolsonaro government created the 13th Bolsa Família, an additional R $ 2.6 billion for the most needy, coming from the fight against fraud in the program, which is already valid for this year 2019.
    44 – In the first half of the Jair Bolsonaro administration, there was a 158% increase in cocaine seizure compared to the same period in 2017 and 92% compared to the same period in 2018.
    45 – The rape rate fell 13.6% in the first 4 months of the Jair Bolsonaro government in relation to 2018. (source: official Sinesp data)
    46 – Bolsonaro reduced the number of government ministries from 29 to 22 and appointed all ministers independently, without party unionism.
    47 – In April 2019, Jair Bolsonaro signed a decree that makes it possible to convert simple environmental fines into services for the preservation, improvement and recovery of the environment, in order to streamline collections.
    48 – In order to reduce spending, President Bolsonaro unified the information portal on the Federal Government and public services. The measure generates an estimated savings of over R $ 116 million per year.
    49 – The rate of bank robbery also plummeted under the Bolsonaro government, down 38.5% in the first 4 months compared to 2018, as well as cargo theft, which fell 27.3% for the same period. (source: Sinesp)
    50 – At the beginning of August, Jair Bolsonaro decreed that the tax rates on Industrialized Products (IPI) for video game consoles and machines, parts and accessories, which varied from 20% to 50%, be reduced to 16% to 40%.
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    51 – In March of this year, President Bolsonaro ended up with 21 thousand positions and functions of the government itself, an estimate of R $ 195 million per year of public money saved. (decree 9,725)

    52 – The Economic Freedom MP, which, among many advances, does not require a business license for low-risk activities such as beauty salons, language schools, tire shops, barbershop, was presented by the Bolsonaro government, approved and will now become law.

    53 – President Bolsonaro’s government created the Innovation Connected Education program, to provide internet to 3 million students by the end of 2019.

    54 – The Bolsonaro government signed a free trade agreement between Mercosur and the European Free Trade Association (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), which will increase Brazil’s GDP by US $ 5.2 billion in 15 years.

    55 – The Bolsonaro government also managed to reach the historic Mercosur-European Union free trade agreement, after 20 years of negotiations, which will represent a great increase in our productivity and increase the Brazilian GDP by US $ 87.5 to US $ 125 billion in 15 years.

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    56 – MORE TAXES RESETED – After the medications for Cancer and AIDS, the government had imposed taxes on hundreds of products, including medical equipment and production, exams, ophthalmologic and computer surgery.

    57 – MORE INVESTMENTS – Toyota announces R $ 1 billion in investments thanks to the government’s biofuels valorization program, RENOVABIO. Encouraging family farming.

    58 – LESS INTEREST RATE IN HISTORY – 5.5% and country risk at its lowest level since 2013.

    59 – GROWTH OF TRADE IN THE BRAZILIAN WEEK – 12% increase in sales and 41% in online activities, compared to the same period last year. R $ 1.86 billion in sales from September 6 to 15.

    60 – MORE EXPORTS – After opening a meat market to Indonesia, expanding to China and introducing Brazilian milk and its derivatives into Egypt, the Ministry of Agriculture closes an agreement with Saudi Arabia for the export of fruits, nuts and egg products . U $$ 2 bi potential.

    61 – LESS BUROCRACY AND LESS EXPENSES FOR OBTAINING CNH – end of the obligation for simulators, drop in the number of hours required for practical classes.

    62 – FINES IN TRANSIT: One month after determining the suspension of the use of mobile radars on federal highways, data from the PRF point out that, in August, the number of fines fell 64% in relation to the average for the 1st semester and the number of deaths also.

    63 – LESS DRUGS – 3 thousand tons of marijuana plants destroyed. Result greater than the sum of the previous two years. Record cocaine seizure.

    64 – RIGHT TO LEGITIMATE DEFENSE – The law that guarantees rural producers the possession of weapons throughout the property is sanctioned.

    65 – MP OF SANCTIONED ECONOMIC FREEDOM: one more step to remove the state of the neck of those who work and produce (job creation and economy).

    66 – IN DEFENSE OF WOMEN – guarantee to mothers the right to breastfeed during public examinations and the obligation of the aggressor of women to defray the damages suffered by the victim when treated at the health network.

    67 – SECURITY: Multiplication of the national bank of genetic profiles, with the potential to solve numerous serious crimes.

    68 – TOURISM: Program that promotes diving tourism and artificial nurseries for marine fauna. More scheduled shipwrecks will come across Brazil.

    69 – ROADS: The Ministry of Infrastructure, with support from the Brazilian Army, does not stop even on weekends in the construction and trafficability corrections in the BRs.

    70 – PUBLIC SERVICES: – From the beginning, our government has always held responsibility for public accounts. These were left destroyed by previous governments. With much sacrifice, we are creating conditions to maintain investments. The Civil House announced a R $ 8.3 billion discontinuation, which will be distributed to Education and the other portfolios.

    71 – RAIL ROADS: North-South Railway sets historical cargo record. In the month of August alone, 1 million tons transported by the railroad, in the stretch that goes from Palmas / TO to Açailândia / MA. In 2008, the cargo flow on this stretch was 1.4 million.

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    72 – AIR TICKETS: Foreign airlines sign a commitment to enter the international market in Brazil as a first step towards entering the domestic market. The competition brings the cheapness of the service and the quality to the user.

    73 – LESS PUBLIC EXPENSES: Government prepares projects to reduce spending on electricity in the public sector. Review of contracts and generation of solar energy can reduce administration costs by up to 90%. The idea is to change the consumption and generation of electric energy by the federal public administration with the installation of micro photovoltaic plants in the annex buildings of the Esplanada dos Ministérios and others.

    We are a family owned and operated business.

    74- After zeroing taxes on products in the fight against cancer and AIDS, more than 500 health items and others, the Ministry of Economy zeroed the import tax on 147 other unmatched products produced in Brazil, related to industry, computers and telecommunications.

    75- IN FRONT OF BRAZIL: Our Government’s program, showing great results. In just 30 days, the five municipalities where the action was implemented registered a 53% drop in homicides in September, compared to August. The pilot project relies on joint work by the federal, state and municipal security forces.

    76- Brazil had a 22.6% drop in violent deaths in the first seven months of 2019 (compared to the same period in 2018). There are 7,100 people who are no longer murdered.

    77- EDUCATION: Launch of a financial education teaching project for children, using children’s characters and More research grants in useful areas with a return to society, without increasing taxes !.

    78- HEALTH ON TIME PROGRAM – more time for care and resources for health units. Transfer of R $ 178 million to fund health units that extended the opening hours and everything has to improve even more! – The Ministry of Health will invest R $ 333 million in states and municipalities that have professionals working in primary care, but did not fit the criteria of the Family Health Strategy. 4 thousand new teams will be accredited.

    79- This week, the Ministry of Regional Development delivered 1,568 houses from Minha Casa Minha Vida in Rio Grande do Sul. This year, the Bolsonaro government released R $ 194 million for the program in the state. There have already been 30 thousand deliveries and almost 11 thousand new job hires.

    80- CIVIC-MILITARY SCHOOLS: States where the governors joined the Civic-Military School: Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso, Goiás, DF, Ceará, Pará, Tocantins, Amazonas , Rondônia, Acre, Roraima and Amapá.

    81- MP 885, which speeds up the sale of goods seized from drug trafficking and allows the use of resources to fight organized crime, approved by the Chamber, with obstruction from the PSOL. Victory in Brazil! Defeat of crime!

    82- Over the first 7 months of 2019, the movement with tourism was R $ 136.7 billion, the best result of the last four years! In July alone, more than 25 thousand jobs were generated in relation to the same period in 2018 (source: CNC). Brazil can go much further, developing the notion of the importance of social involvement with environmental preservation.

    83- Jobs and savings: Sales of new cars in Brazil rose 10.1% in September compared to the same month in 2018. From January to September 2019, 2,029,590 vehicles were sold, that is, 9.9 % more than the 1,846,024 of 2018. Source: Fenabrave.

    84- signed decree simplifies the entry of foreign banks in Brazil. Increased competition, helps to reduce interest rates and recover the economy.

    85- Work on the reconstruction of federal highways, allowing greater safety and trafficability for drivers, continues at an accelerated pace; such as BR-222 / CE, BR-101 / SE, BR-285 / SC and BR-230 / PA and others.

    86- Research by SPC Brasil / CNDL shows that, in 2019, the intention of Brazilian micro and small entrepreneurs to invest in the coming months increased from 33% to 41%. Another sign of investor confidence in the recovery of our economy.

    87- We reached this year’s target for privatizations and concessions – less state, less positions in the hands of politicians, more efficiency and public money invested in really needed places. We will advance further!

    88- launch of the campaign for approval of the anti-crime package by the National Congress. If approved, the favorable environment increases in every way in our territory.

    We are a family owned and operated business.

    89- Bolsonaro government displays records in volume of seized drugs, eight phases of Operation Lava Jato this year, and reduction in crime. But despite this, apocalyptics and misinformers insist that the Lava Jato is over.

    90- Sanctioned law, expected by the telecommunications sector, regarding the alteration of the concession for authorization. Flexibility eliminates the need for public competition and greater investment by companies in broadband infrastructure. Information and quality of service to citizens.

    91- Bolsonaro Government reaches the goal of transforming 400 public services digitally in 2019. Annual savings of more than R $ 350 million for the Government and R $ 1.9 billion for society. Other important meanings are ease and agility for the citizen!

    92- The maritime transport system continues to grow. The creation of jobs, the cheapening of products and savings for investors with the use of cargo ships, something much more viable than road transport, bring benefits to the citizen. It is a matter of time before the economy stabilizes more and reflexes follow. After all, it was decades of destruction and we are only entering the tenth month.

    We are a family owned and operated business.

    93- Data from SINESP / MJSP on the number of crimes in the first half of 2019 and comparison with the same period in 2018. Minus 5423 murders. Bank robberies fell 40%. Vehicle thefts, 27%. It is our duty to go further!

    94- Programa Criança Feliz, from the Ministry of Citizenship, continues to advance throughout the country. Present and growing in all Brazilian regions. 57.4% increase in the first 7 months of 2019. Education, health and development for the most needy. Today, the world’s largest home visiting program for childcare.

    95- The Federal Police burned more than 3 tons of cocaine. The record seizure in 2019 has already exceeded 60 tons. With the Pra Frente Brasil Project, intelligence work among security agents from the Union, States and Municipalities, these and other crime rates continue to fall. suffocation of organized crime, as well as, removing the sustenance of the terrorist parties and groups that make up the Forum of SP. They intend, through terror, impoverishment of people and lack of education, to keep their leaders active and always seeking power!

    96- Government expects to raise R $ 100 million this year with goods from traffickers. MP approved by Congress facilitates the sale of seized assets so that the resource can be used in projects to combat drugs. Airplanes, apartments and luxury cars, yachts and farms are part of the assets seized from the traffic and which can be auctioned and reverted in resources to equip the federal and state police, in addition to helping with drug treatment programs.

    97- Inflation registered a fall of 0.04% for the month of September. It is the lowest result since 1998.

    We are a family owned and operated business.

    98- From July to August, industry grows in 11 of the 15 surveyed locations. The advances were: AM 7.8%, PA 6.8%, SP 2.6%, CE 2.4%, PR 2.1%, RJ 1.3%, MT 1.1%, MG 1.0 %, PR 0.3%, Northeast 0.2% and GO 0.2%. Source: Monthly Industrial Survey (PIM). WE HAVE A LOT TO GO. BRAZIL HAS A WAY!

    99- Ordinance of the Ministry of Agriculture creates discounts in October for products from Family Farming. Valuing and stimulating the small producer and economy to the consumer. Inauguration of the Family Agriculture Distribution Unit in Santiago / RS, which will handle around 22 tons of food during the 10-month agreement with the Food Acquisition Program. Cooperating with the small producer brings huge results!

    100- Government has already hit the target set for privatizations in 2019. We have 119 projects announced and we plan to hold another 22 auctions by the end of the year. In 9 months, 29 projects were completed. Mega-auction of the transfer of rights, is scheduled for November. The sale of state-owned companies is still awaiting modeling and depends on congressional approval. Prevention of political allotments, qualification of services offered to the citizen, resources obtained being applied where they really need, in addition to much sacrifice, to cover monstrous holes left by previous governments. We move forward!

    101- The Ministry of Education launched the “Novos Caminhos” program, which will create 1.5 million enrollments in professional education, increasing from 1.9 million to 3.4 million, by 2023, which will represent an 80% growth until the end of our term. College training is essential, however technical education is the engine for the return of taxpayer money to happen more quickly and effectively for society.

    102- Most capitals are resuming their formal employment. 14 had a positive balance with a formal contract in the first 8 months of the year. São Paulo leads the ranking, with 58,889 new jobs. The monstrous legacy left by the PT has to be reversed!

    103- The new telecommunications framework was sanctioned. Further expansion of Internet access for the population, that is, information reaching even places where investment in broadband is considered unprofitable by companies: the corners of Brazil.

    104- The Ministry of Education delivered 180 school buses, all with accessibility, to 144 municipalities in SP. On the one hand, the Bolsonaro government cuts corruption and waste so that on the other it benefits society.

    We are a family owned and operated business.

    105- Construction of the Oeste-Leste Railway, in Bahia, with operations on different fronts. Construction of viaducts, launching of sleepers, earthworks and recovery of liabilities. The Ministry of Infrastructure is closing the first stretch that will go to concession in 2020 (Caetité-Ilhéus) and already advancing the second stretch. Original idea foresees the extension of the line to Tocantins, integrating it to the North-South and connecting the Bahia coast to the production of the interior of Brazil. Massive investment in this abandoned mode is essential for the country with our territorial extensions.

    106- Money returned from the PT’s historical corruption applied where it should: Another phase in progress. The Ministry of Regional Development announced this week more investments, which are in the transposition of the São Francisco River so that the water reaches the metropolitan area of ​​Fortaleza, benefiting almost 4.5 million inhabitants.

    107- Mais Aéreas starts to operate international flights in Brazil. The first were Norwegian and Sky Airline, next week, FlyBondi. The change in the legislation allowed the entry of international companies, which show growing interest. After this initial step, the airlines will enter the domestic market and will also make flights within the country cheaper. This is expected to happen in a few months.

    108- In Ceará, APM Terminals Pecém, registered a 26% growth in movement between January and September 2019. The increase is mainly due to exports with highlights for fruits, destined for Americans and Europeans. Increased production, jobs and savings. From January to September, 247,497 TEUs were operated against 196,121 TEUs, registered in the same period last year. In September, another historic milestone: the highest monthly movement, with 35,668 TEUs operated. 1 TEU = container (20 feet long, 8 feet wide and 8 feet high).

    109- The Secretariat for Coordination and Governance of the Patrimony of the Union, of the Ministry of Economy (SPU / ME), delivers to the Secretariat of Civil Aviation 17 airports ready to be granted to the private initiative. With this lot, there are already 35 airports transferred to the secretariat; until December, 10 more will come. The transferred areas are: Cruzeiro do Sul-AC, Tabatinga-AM, Tefé-AM, São Mateus-ES, Goiânia-GO, Imperatriz and São Luís-MA, Corumbá-MS, Altamira and Santarém -PA, Petrolina (PE), Parnaíba and Teresina-PI, Foz do Iguaçu-PR, Pelotas-RS, Uruguaiana-RS and Joinville-SC.

    110- Motorcycle production in September was 15.1% higher compared to the same month of 2018 – Source: Abraciclo. Employment and attractive for investors, in one of the largest sectors for this market in the world.

    111- Announcement that the government will double the current limit for purchases in duty-free stores. The Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, at the request of the President, is preparing a decree for the next few days. Brazilians returning from foreign travel will be able to buy US $ 1,000 in products at airports – today, the limit is US $ 500. The quota allowed for purchases in Paraguay will also change. Expansion from $ 300 to $ 500 the maximum amount per person crossing the border.

    112- Brazil rises in the global competitiveness ranking. Indicators of investor reliability. If we all do our homework we will have many more to grow!

    We are a family owned and operated business.

    113- September ABCR index points to a 3.2% increase in the flow of highways granted (important corridors) in comparison with the same period in 2018. In the accumulated result for the year, an increase of 3.7%. Indicative of growth in the circulation of goods and people. Economy sign reheating.

    114- The Minister of Regional Development, Gustavo Canuto, delivered this week, 1,568 houses of Minha Casa Minha Vida in Rio Grande do Sul. This year, the Bolsonaro government released R $ 194 million for the program in the state. There have already been 30 thousand deliveries and almost 11 thousand new job hires.

    115 – Agronordeste includes 230 municipalities, in addition to MG and 1.7 million people, or Agribusiness MP, launched by the Minister of Agriculture, Tereza Cristina. The National Integration Routes, the Irrigated Agriculture Poles and the Irrigation Perimeters, of the Ministry of Regional Development, will contribute to the development strategies of this BOLSONARO government project.

    We are a family owned and operated business.

    116- Northeast was the region that employed the most in September. A further 57 thousand jobs were created in the region. In the month cited, the total was 157 thousand vacancies created and, in the year, 761,000 new jobs.

    117- 650 municipalities joined the Civic-Military School. Soon we will announce the first cities to be contemplated and to start the school year next year!

    118- Rape rate drops 12% in the first half of 2019 compared to the same period in 2018 (source: Sinesp). There is still a lot to do, but the result shows that we are on the right track! We remain firm in our mission to give citizens back the security and freedom that has been taken away from them.

    119- 13th FOR BOLSA-FAMÍLIA: One of several Fake News spread against me in the campaign was that I would end up with Bolsa Família. Signed the MP that creates the 13th Bolsa Família, which will be paid starting this year, with resources from the fight against fraud in the program. Will this and other lies spread by the opposition and part of the media to terrorize the population in the elections be investigated in the Fake News CPMI? We’ll see!

    120- MEC launched the “Novos Caminhos” program, which will create 1.5 million enrollments in professional education, increasing by 80% by the end of our term. The faculties are essential, however technical education is the engine for the return of taxpayer money.

    121- With visa exemptions for Australia, Canada, USA and Japan, the number of foreigners increased by 25% in the months of June to August. North American tourists had greater movement (+ 25.79%). In the near future we will open to other countries that are being studied! Data from the Ministry of Tourism.

    122- HEALTH: We released R $ 18 million for the Social Works of Irmã Dulce-Hospital Santo Antônio, Salvador-BA. One of the largest works in the North and Northeast. There are about a thousand beds, 100% SUS, more than 2,000 surgeries, 70% of children with Zika and 2.2 million outpatient procedures per year.

    123- Legal Taxpayer MP signed: Opportunity for individuals and small businesses to end the year without debt.

    124- Brazil records a drop in crime in the first half of 2019, informs the Ministry of Justice and Public Security. Homicides were reduced by 22.1% and thefts from financial institutions fell by 40.9%.

    125- The Minister of Regional Development, Gustavo Canuto, delivered this week, 2,287 more houses from Minha Casa Minha Vida in Porto Velho (RO). The projection is that the homes will accommodate more than 9,000 people, aimed at low-income families. R $ 149 million was allocated to the state of Rondônia this year. The enterprises generate 10,000 jobs in the region.

    126- New PIS / Pasep payment phase injects more than R $ 18 billion into the economy, benefiting around 24 million workers. FGTS also released for January birthdays. There are R $ 1.8 billion for 4 million beneficiaries.

    127- Port handling increased by 1.65% in August compared to the same period in 2018. Source: ANTAQ. Container cabotage + 20%, general cargo + 10% and inland shipping + 6.5%. Employment in modal forgotten by previous governments and rescues to the height it deserves!

    128- With the detection of the appearance of oil on the coast of the Northeast, at the beginning of September, since then, the government has mounted more on a task force. In all, 1,700 environmental agents and 50 Petrobras employees participate in the operation coordinated by Ibama.

    129- Family Farming: For the first time, Pronaf (National Family Farming Program) grants credit for the cost of community forest management to production families in Pará. Something better and more honest than “lending” to Cuba and Venezuela and not having to return

    Gauchos have the opportunity to sell R $ 1.4 million in products from family farming to hospitals. It is a resource that if it is not bought from the family farmer, it would be bought from a factory, from an industry. In this way, they make the community develop.

    130- Coffee on the rise in Brazilian ports! Exports through the Port of Vitória grew 306.4% between Jan and Sep / 2019, the highest of the last 5 years for the period. Spain, USA and Germany are the fastest growing destinations. Increased production means more jobs!

    131- The work of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Army continues on Brazil’s roads. Greater security, traffic and development in the country. They continue at an accelerated pace, day and night in many regions, such as: BR163 / PA, BR116 / RS, BR242 / TO and BR101 / SE.

    132- The Ministry of Education announces the decontamination of approximately R $ 1.1 billion for universities and federal institutes. As a result, costing expenses for payment are 100% released in 2019. We took a shattered budget, however we are organizing Brazil.

    133- Review of Operation Green Brazil by the Ministry of Defense on the Amazon: fines, seizures, arrests and a historic low of fires.

    134- Minister Astronaut Marcos Pontes brought the news that the fellows of the agency linked to the Ministry of Science and Technology, CNPq are guaranteed. Problem created by previous governments, but solved together with the Ministry of Economy.

    135- The privatization process of the Correios begins to pass officially in a decree signed by President Jair Bolsonaro. The act represents the 1st step for the privatization of the state company to be carried out. In addition to the Correios, the president also included Telebrás.

    136- President Bolsonaro’s determination, Petrobras canceled the R $ 872 million sponsorship contract with the Formula 1 team – McLaren. An absurdity committed with the taxpayer by previous government. Taxpayer money being applied where needed.

    137- Integration of the São Francisco River: The Ministry of Regional Development allocated an additional R $ 11.2 million to the Government of Paraíba. In August this year, pumping was suspended after monitoring equipment issued alerts. Repairs were carried out and the proper functioning of the dam was guaranteed.

    The project will expand the reach that already serves more than 750 thousand people in 34 municipalities in Paraíba and 12 in Pernambuco. With the repairs, the waters are already expected to reach the last reservoir of the East Axis, in November.

    138- MEC announced the release of an additional R $ 43 million for 96 works in universities. The main works include the Health Complex of the Federal University of Lavras (UFLA), in Minas Gerais, the Integrated Nucleus of Research and Technological Innovation of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) and the Institute of Basic Health Sciences of the University Federal of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS).

    139- Brazil integrating its peoples: 5 indigenous communities in Amazonas had their visitation plan approved by Funai. The tourist project aims to rescue culture, generate income for indigenous people and develop awareness of preservation through the experience of tourists! Many more will come!

    140- Government announces stage of sale of 28 properties of the Federal Government. Expected collection is an average of R $ 46 million in this phase. There are only 200 unused properties. The Ministry of Economy aims to reverse the waste of taxpayer money to be applied where it is really needed.

    We are a family owned and operated business.

    141- The FGTS Immediate Withdrawal will pay R $ 40 billion until December 2019 to 96 million workers. 100% of Brazilians with the right to withdraw the benefit, BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

    142- VIGIA PROJECT: the criminal organizations responsible for the smuggling of goods at the borders have a loss of R $ 4.5 billion in our Government. The action points at the Project’s borders are in MS, MT, RO and AC.

    143- FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION 1: PF action due to undue interference by parliamentarian in exchange for protection in pension fund CPI. Another disjointed “Novo Cangaço” gang, a group that terrorized small municipalities in the Northeast. Joint work of the Civil and Military Police of Paraíba, Military Firefighters and the Federal Highway Police.

    144- FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION 2: The Federal Police initiates the 67th phase of Lava Jato. The ‘Tango & Cash’ operation aims to investigate the performance of a possible cartel of contractors, whose objective was to win bids for major works linked to state-owned companies.

    145- FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION 3: The Federal Comptroller General and the PF dismantled a criminal organization responsible for defrauding the tender for the Viva Maranhão Program.

    146- Ibovespa in new historical record; More than 760,000 formal jobs created since our government began; Signs of recovery in the economy with investor confidence; Falling Brazil risk, as well as crime. After decades of destruction, Brazil is rising.

    147- The Chamber approved (329×86) the Technological Safeguards Agreement for the Alcântara base, in Maranhão. After decades of backwardness and neglect, we have taken a big step towards technological, social and economic development in the region. Measure should generate billions for Brazil.

    148- Average fare for INTERNATIONAL flights has already dropped 23% with the arrival of low cost airlines. NEXT STEP of the Bolsonaro government is to consolidate the model for domestic flights.

    149- Vulnerable families and people with disabilities served by the social assistance network in SP gained strength in promoting inclusion. The Ministry of Citizenship delivered 19 minibuses that will support the municipalities. In total, R $ 5.3 million are being invested in the action.

    150- Railways gaining importance that did not exist for decades in Brazil. Understand and learn more about the development of this modal in the social networks of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

    151- Together with Minister Sérgio Moro, combating violence brings investor confidence and creates a favorable environment for employability and savings. See the numbers, intentions and agreements so that we can always develop more!

    152- New pension APPROVED. One of the greatest reforms in history. Congratulations to the Brazilian people and to the Ministry of Economy! This victory, which opens the way for our country to take off once and for all, belongs to all of you! Brazil is ours!

    153 – JAPAN: we met with entrepreneurs from large corporations such as the so-called ‘Grupo de Notáveis’, among other important commitments showing the new Brazil: growing, generating jobs and opportunities with freedom and security for investors!

    We are a family owned and operated business.

    154- CHINA: Meeting with Chinese businessmen and president of FI P. Opportunity of billions of dollars of investment in the area of ​​agriculture, infrastructure and others.

    155- Happy Child Program is recognized as a reference for reducing social inequality in the world. Brazil took a leading role at the Sustainable Development Forum, held in Beijing.

    156- Small producers in Rio Grande do Norte and the region have in November the opportunity to sell their products to the federal government. The 16th Motorized Infantry Battalion of @exercitooficial in Natal-RN is investing in the purchase of products from family farming.

    157- In 8 months, almost 8,000 fewer murders compared to the same period in 2018. Almost 8,000 lives saved. Drop of 22%, heading for the biggest in decades. Results of the moral shock after our arrival and of Public Security done with intelligence and efficiency by Minister Moro.

    158 – The Bolsonaro government has been working since September 2 to combat oil in the Northeast. The initial narrative was a lie, after shouting that the Government ignored the situation, they went on to say that it was late. Meanwhile, deafening silence as to the cause. Details:

    159- Tourism entrepreneurs in the Northeast will have access to a special credit line of R $ 200 million to overcome the retraction in activities caused by the oil spill that hit some beaches in the region. The British joined the Navy in technical work.

    We are a family owned and operated business.

    160-60 thousand fishermen affected by oil stains will receive closed insurance and R $ 59.9 million will be used in November. The Ministry of Regional Development, Environment, Navy and Army participate in the operations.

    161- Bolsonaro government wants to zero tax on the import of ships, reducing the price of imported by up to 40%. Text needs authorization from Congress. Brazil is one of the countries with the largest maritime extension in the world. Possibility for small boats, which would result in a huge economic turnover and employability.

    162- Creation of temporary vacancies at the end of the year should be 24% higher in 2019. New decree that regulates the temporary hiring Bolsonaro made this estimate increase 10%. For those who are unemployed and for Brazil it is excellent news.

    We are a family owned and operated business.

    163- CAPES and the Chinese celebrate an unprecedented scientific partnership. Brazil has signed an international cooperation agreement with the National Foundation for Natural Sciences of China (NSFC), an agency that promotes research and innovation.

    We are a family owned and operated business.

    164- Violence in Paulista (PE) decreased after the pilot project “Em Frente Brasil”, from the Ministry of Justice and Public Security arrived in the region. This initial phase is present in 4 more cities in 🇧🇷: Ananindeua (PA), Cariacica (ÉS), São José dos Pinhais (PR) and Goiânia (GO).

    We are a family owned and operated business.

    165 – The Ministry of Infrastructure, works on BR-135 / MA, between the municipalities of Miranda do Norte and Alto Alegre. R $ 64 million will be invested in 5 years. Many other works are carried out day and night with the Brazilian Army.

    We are a family owned and operated business.

    166- On our trip to Asia and the Middle East, the President of Ukraine expressed interest in purchasing Super Tucano aircraft. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, assessed the possibility of the Ukrainians to acquire the aircraft KC-390, military cargo ship manufactured in Brazil.

    We are a family owned and operated business.

    167- Niterói-RJ records the largest generation of jobs for September since 2011. The data are from the General Register of Employed and Unemployed (Caged). Just as the Northeast region was the one that generated more jobs in the month of September.

    We are a family owned and operated business.

    168- Record drug seizures gain weight gain. Investigations that currently reach positive levels never seen before with the integration between public security agents in Brazil, now have agility in the sale of resources from criminals.

    We are a family owned and operated business.

    169- Approved measure that allows the money from the auction of the onerous assignment of oil to be divided between the 27 States and more than 5,000 municipalities in Brazil.

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