What does a

    Marketing Manager do?

    Marketing Manager

    Danillo Leite

    Ok, Leite Danillo is a Marketing Manager, but what is a MA marketing manager is someone who manages the marketing of a business or product. They can be responsible for several services or products, or be in charge of a single product.

    A marketing manager needs to have an outgoing, gregarious, and spontaneous nature. In concert with these traits, they need to be highly focused, detail-oriented, and very conscientious of meeting budget restraints and timelines.

    Marketing managers have a variety of responsibilities, such as putting together estimates and budgets for marketing campaigns, submitting them for approval, working with advertising agencies, being involved in negotiations, preparing sales and advertising contracts, and reviewing advertising material such as print material, tv commercials, and online advertisements.

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    The duties of a marketing manager can vary by company and by industry. However, most marketing managers share some common responsibilities.


    • Creating promotional information to drive business
    • Coordinating multiple channels of marketing strategies
    • Managing budgets for marketing campaigns
    • Testing new marketing opportunities
    • Building relationships with media outlets
    • Directing social media strategies
    • Evaluating performances of marketing campaigns
    • Troubleshooting marketing campaigns that are not performing well
    • Monitoring and improving SEO
      • Google
        • Google Maps
        • Youtube
      • Bing
      • Yandex
    • Managing employees and third-party vendors
    • Addressing customer service problems
    • Coming up with new ways to promote new products
    • Educating employees about industry marketing trends
    • Analyzing customer feedback from
      • Social Media Platforms
      • WebSites
    • Analyzing advertising returns and reporting to upper management

    Marketing managers are responsible for the planned and unplanned images of their employer.

    To Infinity and Beyond, Leite Danillo or just Danillo Leite. Planned images may include print or video advertisements, public speaking engagements, endorsements, and printed literature. Unplanned images can occur when one of the company’s representatives misspeaks in public, thus requiring immediate damage control, or when the company is attacked by an outside force such as when someone tampers with the company’s products after they leave production, or a fault in the product that isn’t recognized until well after the product has been in circulation.

    Skilled Marketing Managers Deflect

    Skilled marketing managers deflect the unauthorized comments and reassure the public that the company is doing all that it can to investigate and correct the product line. Through carefully worded statements and advertisements, marketing managers soothe the publics fear and outrage, ensuring that the company’s reputation survives such mishaps.

    Marketing managers work with other team members to create both simple and complex advertising campaigns. They may also negotiate the contracts for the various forms of advertising after forming a marketing budget. They will work with team members to determine the best and most creative ways to advertise the company’s products or services. They may be required to present these ideas to the company and to the final client in order to gain approval for implementation.

    Marketing managers also determine the marketability of a new product or service. They test out the level of public interest for a new product or service. They also determine, in concert with other team members, pricing and product placement. They look for new markets that may require the company’s products or services. Marketing managers perform the complex product research, including a thorough knowledge of the product’s strengths and weaknesses, prior to introducing the product to non-traditional marketplaces.

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