Being Your Own Boss: How to Set Up a Homemade Cake Shop

    7 Cities Being Your Own Boss: How to Set Up a Homemade Cake Shop

    Being Your Own Boss: How to Set Up a Homemade Cake Shop: Have you considered investing in a Cake Shop ? It is one of the good ideas for those who are attuned to the current market and want to invest to survive at the time of the country. Eating away from home today is a great deal.

    GoldenPlast Disposable Drink Stirrers
    GoldenPlast Disposable Drink Stirrers

    Being Your Own Boss: How to Set Up a Homemade Cake Shop

    As with the current Brazilian policy, currently the way to consume products has also changed. Brazilians are in an accelerated mode of consumption away from home, and we can observe this change in the most diverse and varied sectors. With a highlight, especially in the food market away from home.

    Recommended Market Disposable Products

    With globalization, the mass adoption of the internet. Added to the internet of things and also aided by the ever-growing mobile internet market. People’s daily lives are getting faster and faster, which causes a lack of time to do activities that were once considered daily. We can cite here as a quick example, but not limited to it. Make your own meal.

    Make Your Own Meal

    The out-of-home food market is one of the fastest growing in the country and the heavy competition does not discourage those who want to invest in this type of business. The confectionery market is on the rise, there are home-made cake shops as well as more upscale cakes aimed at different target audiences.

    Being Your Own Boss: How to Set Up a Homemade Cake Shop
    Being Your Own Boss: How to Set Up a Homemade Cake Shop

    Fast-growing Confectioneries

    • Homemade Cake Shops and also
    • Sophisticated Cakes, Focused on
    • Wedding cakes,
    • Party cakes,
    • Event Cakes,
    • different target audiences

    Getting Started – Being Your Own Boss

    Your thoughts have already reached this market, and have you considered investing in this business?

    You can start very modestly with the materials you have at home . However, if product demand increases and you want to earn money from your business, you will need to set up a micro or medium Cake House.

    Possibility of Rapid Growth
    • Micro or
    • Average Cake Shop

    At your business point you will need some equipment that will be essential for the development of your business, such as:

    • Computer,
      • Tax Coupon Printer and
      • Internet
      • Telephone;
    • Card Machine for
      • Credit card
      • Debit card;
    • Service Desk;
    • Freezers;
    • Cookers;
    • Ovens;
    • Refrigerators;
    • Blenders;
    • Churns;
    • Pans,
    • etc.

    Disclosure is the Soul of Business

    What is the purpose of Being the Chief Himself if you have no demand to command? So imagine yourself an entrepreneur of a trade that no one knows about? Exactly! Therefore, Disclosure has to be taken seriously. Disclosure is the soul of business.

    When you are certain of the type of cake you will be offering and of course you have already calculated portion amounts to accept orders, use the online business opportunity and tell everyone.

    Today it is essential to use Social Networks. Especially Instagram and Facebook. Use free online tools that help you create your own images or make them look beautiful.

    • Instagram and
    • Facebook

    A marketing company can make a difference , but not miracles. She conducts studies and aims the function. While you have time, it can be done for you. Try not to believe in magic. So with your business you will not prosper if the price is unrealistic. The price charged by your acquaintance, or a company without a “name” to watch out for, should also be concerned about that. So looking for the cheapest ever may already be the beginning of the end of an idea that was just beginning. Watch out.

    Location and Legislation

    The Business Point in this case is as important as the product and the seller. So your location is an essential factor for the success of your business.

    Always have in your planning the idea of ​​seeking to position your business in a place that has a large circulation of people, set up a flashy showcase and that provides the consumer interest in your product.

    As with any company, there are specific laws to make the opening of the company legalized. Due to the handling of food and consumable products, some laws must be observed:

    1. Step
      1. The first step is to go to the board of trade to register your business, then you have to go to your city hall and apply for the permit. At the secretary of the National Revenue ask the CNPJ.
    2. Step
      1. You will then have to qualify for the Employer Union and pay the required contributions. It is noteworthy that to obtain the release of the business license in the city hall will require the license provided by the Fire Department.

    Being Your Own Boss Before opening your Cake House it is important that you have all the necessary documentation and business license in hand, otherwise City Hall inspectors may close your establishment at any time and apply a traffic ticket.

    Inspirations and Projects That Worked Out

    Conduct market research, verify the possibility and profitability of your choice. Look for success stories from your region. The story of Cleusa Maria, founder of Sodiê Doces, the largest franchise chain of the segment in the country, with more than 290 stores throughout Brazil. It may be the incentive you need to make this decision.

    Packaging is the Key Point for Your Business to Work

    As we know after years and many years of study. The human being is mainly driven by appearance. Good, healthy and well cared for.

    Appearance is halfway

    • Good Product Appearance ,
    • Looks Healthy,
    • Appears to be Delicious and
    • Of course done with love, well taken care of.

    The appearance of your product is very important to your customer, and the location as well as how it will be served does a lot not to say that you can change an opinion. It makes all the difference to your product, because they can provide many variations adding value and thus creating a price and presentation variation for your customer, and the choice of pot, plate and cake cutlery will depend on a number of factors, such as Example: the customer will give someone a souvenir, it will be a gift, the customer will consume on time.

    • Quality Disposable Dishes,
    • Good looking disposable dishes,
    • Quality Disposable Cutlery and also the
    • Disposable cups.

    Being the Boss Himself

    This is one of the main reasons that make the cake so dear among confectioners.

    Disposable utensils can be used at parties and events such as:

    • Marriage,
    • Children’s party,
    • Baby tea,
    • Parties of 15 (fifteen) years,
      • Debutant party
    • Birthdays and
    • Barbecue
      • Among friends,
      • between family members,
    • Etc.

    Disposables Factory SP

    So we dedicate this article to you, where we explain how entrepreneurship in hard times can make a difference and even change people’s lives once and for all. So we know the different types of disposable packaging we currently have on the market, where you find it and when you should use it.

    The manufacture of products GoldenPlast Disposable Factory SP , has as philosophy always: Quality products , reliability and competitiveness.

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