Covid-19: Municipality of Santo André – Bulletin – Great ABC Paulista

    7 Cities Covid-19: Municipality of Santo André - Bulletin - Great ABC Paulista

    Covid-19: Municipality of Santo André – Bulletin – Great ABC Paulista: The Santo André City Hall, through the Health Department, updates the numbers of the new coronavirus in the city:

    Covid-19: Municipality of Santo André – Bulletin – Great ABC Paulista

    • 262 Suspicious Cases
    • 135 Discarded Cases
    • 40 Confirmed Cases, among them 1 death*

    *It is a male patient, who was 68 years old and admitted to UPA Sacadura Cabral on March 18. He presented symptoms of the disease, which worsened due to comorbidities, and died on the same date.

    • Actions to combat the Covid-19 pandemic have so far been announced:
    • Launch of the Education at Home program, which provides complementary online activities for the students of the municipal network, especially developed to be carried out during the suspension period of classes.
    • The content can be accessed at;
    • Beginning of the Home Snack program this Thursday (2). Students in the municipal school network will receive kits with food and cleaning material due to the suspension of classes;
    • Microcredit release for entrepreneurs by Banco do Povo, with interest rates of 0.35% per month;
    • Anticipation of the first installment of the 13th salary for active and inactive municipal servants;
    • Trucks began to sanitize the city’s main roads on March 25, around bus terminals, train stations, health units and commercial corridors;
    • Suspension of ISS payments and IPTU (industrial and commercial), in addition to the suspension of debt protests;
    • Suspension of gratuity for the elderly as of March 24th.
    • People over 60 can move free of charge only from 9am to 4pm, i.e. outside peak hours;

    – Decree prohibiting the operation of commercial establishments other than essential services from 23 March;

    – Construction of field hospitals at Bruno Daniel stadium and Pedro Dell’Antonia Sports Complex begins, creating 300 new beds;

    – Intensification of actions to ensure hygiene and awareness protocols, in addition to providing space for reception and social isolation for residents on the streets suspected of being contaminated by the new Coronavirus;

    – Closure of all Craisa restaurants (Companhia Regional de Abastecimento Integrado de Santo André), with the exception of the Executive building unit;

    – Closure of all municipal parks between March 21 and April 5;

    Recommendation that condominiums and buildings located in Santo André prohibit the use of common areas, such as
    sports fields
    open-ended or
    party room,
    game room,
    meeting room,
    Pet Space,
    among others;

    – Suspension of the Municipal Civil Guard and Education competitions for 60 days. Whoever has registered will not be prejudiced;

    – Decrease of state of public calamity;

    – Decree of a state of emergency in the city for a period of 90 days, which allows the dispensation of bidding for the acquisition of goods and services and requisition of goods and services, both for individuals and companies, with fair compensation;

    – Suspension of the flower and ornamental fish market of Craisa;

    – City Hall Service Square was closed on March 23. Services are being offered over the Internet;

    – Total suspension of classes at Emeiefs (Municipal Schools of Early Childhood Education and Elementary School), Cesas (Santo André Educational Centers) and daycare centers between March 23 and April 3;

    – Suspension of cultural, sports, commercial, artistic and equipment activities such as the Museum of Santo André, Casa da Palavra, Library, Ludoteca, Sabina and Crisa (Reference Center of the Elderly of Santo André);

    – Suspension of professional courses at Escola de Ouro Andreense, free culture schools and other courses offered by the City Hall, such as Parque Escola, Caem (Multidisciplinary Educational Service Center), Nanasa (Adapted Swimming Center of Santo André) and the activities offered by Cesas;

    – Recommendation to churches, temples, religious entities and institutions that gather a large public to temporarily suspend meetings with crowds of people;

    – Suspension of the Blue Zone from March 18 for a period of 30 days;

    – Limitation of a maximum of ten people in municipal wakes rooms;

    – Waiver of the physical presence in the workplaces of civil servants over 60 years of age, pregnant women and those with immunosuppressive diseases, who will perform their activities at home, without prejudice;

    – Suspension of physical attendance at Procon, which is receiving demands by e-mail [email protected] and websites and;

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    Covid-19: Municipality of Santo André - Bulletin - Great ABC Paulista

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