Venezuela: Place a Request, Brazil Please Give Us the 5 Military Detainees at the Border

    Healthy Venezuela: Place a Request, Brazil Please Give Us the 5 Military Detainees...

    Venezuela: Place a Request, Brazil Please Give Us the 5 Military Detainees at the Border: Venezuela has asked Brazil to surrender to the country the five Venezuelan military who were intercepted in Roraima.

    Venezuela: Place a Order, Brazil Please Give Us the 5 Military Detainees at the Border

    In a statement issued on Saturday, 28, by the country’s foreign minister, Jorge Arreaza, the Venezuelan government said it has already initiated the “diplomatic steps necessary to request and facilitate the surrender of this group of citizens.”

    • Only 2% of Brazilians get asylum to live in the US
      • Given takes into account the period from 2012 to 2016;
      • overall average 22% of applications approved by June
        • I’m amazed, where are they so much “hunted” by Brazilians like that?

    Wow, the beginning of the story is so … noxious … that it gives me a pity in my heart …: “After the crossing, separation and reunification of their children, Brazilian immigrants who illegally crossed the border with the United States in recent months has a new journey ahead to try to avoid deportation: the asylum application. ” but however, the starving Venezuelans cannot come to Brazil … oh, no!

    The five soldiers were found by the Brazilian Army in the indigenous land of São Marcos, northeast of the state, last Thursday, 26. They were unarmed and were taken to the capital Boa Vista.

    In contrast….

    • In 18 years, 5,700 Cubans have sought refuge in Brazil
      • Data do not include period after termination of agreement between Cuba and
        • More Doctors

    In 18 years, more than 5,000 Cubans have sought refuge in Brazil, according to a survey by the Ministry of Justice. From 2000 to September 2018, there were 5,777 requests for recognition of Cuban refugee status. The largest number of refuge requests from various nationalities occurred in 2017. Informa: refuge in brazil

    Venezuelans who applied for asylum to Brazil

    Number of Venezuelans applying for asylum to Brazil doubles in 5 months – Data published by the United Nations, based on information from national authorities, indicate that 65,800 Venezuelans had applied in the country by the end of September; in April, there were only 32.7 thousand – According to the website:,numero-de-venezuelanos-que-pediram-asilo-ao-brasil-dobra-em- 5 months, 70002548599

    But the Brazilian Left Ignores

    In the statement, the Venezuelan government “welcomes the timely action of the Brazilian Security Forces” and accuses the group of participating in an armed robbery of the 513th Mariano Montilla Jungle Infantry Battalion on December 22, 2019, when they were stolen 120 (one hundred and twenty) assault rifles and nine (9) rocket launchers.

    In the action, a corporal from the country’s National Guard died.

    Welcomes Timely Action by Brazilian Security Forces

    The Venezuelan government says it would not support attacks on Brazilian military units and hopes to count on the collaboration of the Brazilian government, “as a result of the cooperation that must prevail between states in the fight against terrorism and threats to social peace.”

    “as a result of the cooperation that must prevail between states in the fight against terrorism and the threats to social peace.”

    Trump and Immigrants: Pay Them to Apply for Asylum!

    In a strategy to try to decrease asylum applications for any reason, no reason. US President Trump gave his servers 90 (ninety) days to Reform the Migration System that has “collapsed” the Mexican border

    The frustrated efforts of then-US President Donald Trump to actually find a way to contain or even a way out of the growing wave of illegal immigration on the Mexican border led the president to radicalize his strategy.

    The Republican representative sent a memorandum that Monday to the immigration administration officials giving ninety (90) days to reform the asylum system. Part of the rules include charging applicants for the entry of the case and applying for a temporary work permit while awaiting a court verdict, and ensuring that they receive a response within 180 days.

    This action plan is part of the “stiffer” stance that Trumpd (who he would acquire in the face of the border crisis, when he earlier this month appointed Kevin McAleenan as secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)).

    • Judge blocks Trump’s measure to limit refuge requests (No doubt Democrat, thinking of Votes, but who comments on that? Right)
    • Brazilian jumps over US border wall and gets 90 (arrested) days in jail (To say it, don’t do it! You will be arrested! No, here the news puts the US as the villain. Was it the United States parents who jumped the right wall?)
    • Trump suspends tariffs after agreement with Mexico to curb migration (Would it be frivolous to say that those who seek coitus to cross from Mexico to the US usually also paid someone from the Mexican “system”? Was it just Coyote the villain?)
    • All this to say, here! We do not have half the problem of Cuba and Venezuela. But we are against them coming here. Why?

    Even knowing that in general the requests are light … see the position of the UN

    • UN regrets that US justice has approved asylum restriction
    United Nations – UN

    United Nations, or simply United Nations, is an intergovernmental organization created to promote international cooperation.

    or would it be United Nations Political Organization

    Trump’s policy of restrictions is aimed at stopping the flow of Central American immigrants trying to move between the US and Mexico.

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